Highly Sensitive Person

  • Learning that I am an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person has greatly benefited me. Discover if you are an Empath/HSP too by taking the quizzes on her website and reading some of her articles and books.

House Rabbit Network

  • Local non-profit rabbit shelter that rescued Peanut! After adopting Peanut in 2016, I began to regularly volunteer with HRN, including coordinating bunny yoga fundraisers and rescuing rabbits! Peanut won their “Best of Bunnies” Therapy Rabbit award in 2017!

Private Practice Colloquium

  • I am a member of this local network of private practice clinicians. You can click here to access the directory if you are looking for a therapist in Massachusetts.

Dr. Hyman

  • I am passionate about nutrition for mental health and integrative medicine. Have a look at his website.

Psychology Today

Psychology Tools (free CBT worksheets)

Therapist Aid (free therapeutic worksheets)

Dr. Leslie Korn

  • I am now a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, which means I have training in holistic psychotherapy including complementary and alternative medicine “CAM”, which includes nutrition and movement for mental health


  • Wonderful yoga retreat center in Western Massachusetts. They also offer continuing education events and therapeutic workshops.